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Ford To Receive Tax Break To Retool Avon Lake Econoline Plant

Ford plans to stop producing the Econoline van series at the Avon Lake plant in Ohio at the end of 2013, but in an agreement with the United Autoworkers Union, Ford agreed to retool the plant to produce other vehicles. The state of Ohio has agreed to give the company a substantial tax break for the effort.

The tax breaks come on the heels of Ford’s announcement that it will spend $128 million to retool and retrain the 1,900 workers at the plant, which will insure that all of those jobs are retained. While no new jobs will be created, the retooling will switch production of  medium-truck and frame assembly work from Mexico to the Ohio plant. In this economy, we at Car Loans Ohio have to be happy just with the fact that no jobs will be lost, at least.

Ford’s vice president of North American manufacturing, Jim Tetreault and Governor John Kasich will jointly announce the state’s incentive package at the Avon Lake plant during the second week of December.