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Cheetahs Not Allowed to Drive Cars in Ohio…Merely Ride Shotgun?

Next time you are tooling down an Ohioan road or turnpike take a gander inside the vehicles around you. You just might spot a cheetah or other similar-sized cat headed to a show-and-tell.

These cats are Ambassadors from the Cincinnati Zoo’s Cat Ambassador Program in which zoo trainers, with cheetahs and other cats, visit local schools and when they do so, the cats get to sit free in the car, not cooped up in a cage. Considering that they are indeed ambassadors, this is understandable.    

Of course not everyone agrees that wild cats should be travelling in this fashion. After all, they say, the kids and teachers are not allowed to touch the feline friends during visits, so why should the public be put at risk of one of the cats touching them in the event of a vehicle accident or escape.  

However, Ohio exotic animal laws are some of the nation’s laxest and until new laws are passed, those cheetahs will be able to keep on calling shotgun.

If you are one of our Cincinnati auto loan shoppers, keep a sharp eye out for wild cats on the road!