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Texting While Driving: Banned in Ohio!

Authorities in the Buckeye state have banned testing while driving. The ban will start with a six-month grace period during which texting drivers will be given verbal warnings.

Following this grace period, texting while driving in Ohio, will become a primary offense for minors and a secondary offense for grownups. The passing of this law makes Ohio the 39th state within the union to ban texting while driving.

The fines for both adults and teens will be for up to $150, while minors could also lose their licenses for up to 60 days. However, teens who continue to offend could be fined a cool $300 and have their driving licenses taken away for a full year.

Talking about the Ohio ban, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a man who has never had anything bad to say about a new law, said, “While this new law will help keep all drivers safe, we are especially encouraged by its focus on young drivers, who are more likely to engage in distracted driving.”

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