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Will Acura Build its RL in North America?

Frightened by the ongoing uncertainty of the Japanese Yen, Honda is giving some real thought to moving the production of the Acura flagship vehicle from its home nation to North America.

According to the Japan Times, the current construction of the Acura RL/Honda Legend will cease in Japan within a month. This is being done, at least in part, to give Honda more room to build its more popular models at home.

Auto-industry observers are saying that this stopping of production leaves Honda little choice but to build the next generation of the RL, probably to be called the RLX, in North America. Specifically, it could be built in East Liberty or Marysville, OH.  If this comes to fruition, it will not be the only Acura to be built on the continent. The Acura RDX, TL, ILX and ZDX are all constructed there.