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New Acura NSX Sports Car to Be Built at New Plant in Ohio

Honda Motor Co. has announced that it will manufacture its new Acura NSX sports car at a new $70 million plant, the Performance Manufacturing Center, it is building in Ohio.  Once the plant that will sit next to Honda’s existing facility in Marysville is operating in 2015, about 100 skilled workers will manufacture cars there. […]

Recap of 2013 Columbus International Auto Show

The 2013 Columbus International Auto Show had something for anyone who is into cars whatsoever. Even if you are not a car nut, this auto show was the one to go to if you are in the market for a new car, since hundreds of new models were on display at the show. Running from […]

Cintel FCU Auto Loan Deals

Start living your dreams now with Cintel Financial Federal Credit Union. Get your desired brand new car at affordable interest rates. For as low as 3.99% APR, you never need to ask yourself again on when you can have your dream car. This rate applies to all new vehicle models (2011-2012) and is available to […]

Will Acura Build its RL in North America?

Frightened by the ongoing uncertainty of the Japanese Yen, Honda is giving some real thought to moving the production of the Acura flagship vehicle from its home nation to North America. According to the Japan Times, the current construction of the Acura RL/Honda Legend will cease in Japan within a month. This is being done, […]

Texting While Driving: Banned in Ohio!

Authorities in the Buckeye state have banned testing while driving. The ban will start with a six-month grace period during which texting drivers will be given verbal warnings. Following this grace period, texting while driving in Ohio, will become a primary offense for minors and a secondary offense for grownups. The passing of this law […]

Coda Cancels $334 Million DOE Loan Request

After waiting two full years for a response from the Department of Energy, Coda Automotive has withdrawn its application for a $334 million loan. Instead, the electric vehicle maker has decided to move what would have been an assembly plant with 2,000 jobs in Columbus, Ohio to its current assembly operations in China.   Obviously this […]

Cheetahs Not Allowed to Drive Cars in Ohio…Merely Ride Shotgun?

Next time you are tooling down an Ohioan road or turnpike take a gander inside the vehicles around you. You just might spot a cheetah or other similar-sized cat headed to a show-and-tell. These cats are Ambassadors from the Cincinnati Zoo’s Cat Ambassador Program in which zoo trainers, with cheetahs and other cats, visit local […]

OH Auto Finance Deals: Health One CU

Health One Credit Union is a non-profit financial institution owned and operated by its members.  This sort of institution has definite benefits.  For instance, those in need of auto loans in Cleveland, Detroit, or car loans in Southfield MI may now qualify for a very low rate of 2.99% APR. This is granted to consumers […]

Ford To Receive Tax Break To Retool Avon Lake Econoline Plant

Ford plans to stop producing the Econoline van series at the Avon Lake plant in Ohio at the end of 2013, but in an agreement with the United Autoworkers Union, Ford agreed to retool the plant to produce other vehicles. The state of Ohio has agreed to give the company a substantial tax break for […]

Chrysler To Pump Money Into Ohio Plant

In an era when plant closings and cutbacks seem to be the norm, Chrysler has announced that it will pump $365 million into its Toledo, Ohio plant. Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchionne is set to announce his plans for the Toledo Assembly complex. According to Detroit media reports, the automaker will invest $365-million to retain […]